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Sanan IC


Early 21st Century

Human instinct of pursuing light and efficiency

makes light become more and more useful with the invention of GaN blue LED,

after 100 years since the discovery of phenomenon of electricity's emitting light.

Semiconductor lighting began to enter the homes and has come to every corner of cities.

Sanan IC resolutely transferred to LED chip industry

It has been focusing on R&D of core materials and process technologies

Light becomes brighter, more energy-efficient, healthier, and more accessible.

Because Sanan knows that semiconductors are the cornerstone of modern industry.

In 2010s,

Sanan IC, who is used to "down to the ground",

discovered that compound semiconductor materials can not only emit light

but also have the merits of high frequency, high speed, high power, etc.

They are the next generation of excellent materials for high-performance microwave communication and energy conversion.

5G high-speed network, artificial intelligence, smart energy, electric vehicles...

Compressed time and space have made the world flat

Compound semiconductors will become the cornerstone of making "Everything Smart & Connected"

Incubated by the spirit of "all the way down" and unwavering determination,

Sanan IC came into being

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Years of Experience In Compound Semiconductor Industry

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Employees Worldwide

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Granted Patents

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Positive Customers

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Revenue in the First Half of 2021

Founded in 2014, Sanan IC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanan Optoelectronics (a listed company), is committed to becoming a world-class R & D, manufacturing and service platform of compound semiconductors. Sanan IC has successfully extended Sanan Optoelectronics' 20 years of experience in compound semiconductor industrialization to the fields of microwave RF, filters, optical technology and power electronics. It has become a professional platform focusing on the compound semiconductor industry and offering the most comprehensive products and services.


Sanan IC's products have been delivered in large quantities and applied in 5G networks, mobile terminals, clean energy, optical communications and many other emerging applications. With excellent product performance, measured reliability, and on-time delivery capabilities, Sanan IC has won the trust of customers around the world.

With the rapid development of new technologies such as AIoT, new energy, low-latency and high-speed networks, and edge computing, the importance of compound semiconductors has become increasingly prominent. However, the global high-end production capacity is insufficient. Sanan IC is your trustworthy world-class platform for compound semiconductor R&D, manufacturing and service.

Global Layout

Gather global compound semiconductor R&D capabilities to create value for customers, satisfy future market requirements and actively deploy advanced production capacity.

R & D

Xiamen, Silicon Valley, Tokyo

Mega Fabs

Xiamen, Quanzhou, Changsha

Sales Offices

China, Japan, South Korea, US, Europe


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