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Build a high-speed channel between real world and digital world.

How Will 5G Change Your Life?

5G will bring us faster speed, higher accuracy and greater data throughput than ever before. Higher throughput requires more bandwidth, which drives the demand for more usable RF spectrum. New high-frequency frequency bands are being introduced. These frequency bands benefit from continuous development of compound semiconductor material. The characteristics of high power density, high efficiency and wide bandwidth make it the best solution for 5G. Faster switching speed and low latency make efficient spatial multiplexingpossible (or called massive MIMO), which creates more bandwidth in increasingly-dense small cells and base stations.

New infrastructure develops to meet people's unremitting pursuit of mobile communication experience. Such demand for development encourages operators and terminal manufacturers to urgently find reliable and flexible solutions to help them meet the ever-changing requirements of people.

Sanan IC has vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, and continues to invest in production capacity and technology R & D, so as to gradually improve its ability to meet future needs of market. Our product portfolio is designed to support all cellular standards and frequency bands, so as to help expand existing 4G system capabilities and realize next-generation of 5G network through most advanced RFFE solution.

Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SONET, OTN, as well as high-power UPS in Data Center.

RF front-end devices for macro base stations and micro base stations in mobile communication networks.

Why Sanan IC

Compound Semiconductor Expert

With 20 years of experience in compound semiconductor R& D and manufacturing, and experience in management of large-scale production; providing consistent and high-quality compound semiconductor chips and devices.

Capacity Guarantee

Three Mega Fabs provide a total annual output of more than 100,000 wafers provide a steady stream of capacity for compound semiconductor industry. Wafer process technology is heading for 200mm from 150mm, which further improves cost-effectiveness of large-scale manufacturing.

Strict Quality Management

Sanan IC implements quality management system of international standards, has passed the IATF 16949 system certification, and is also a member of JEDEC. Its products have been safely operated on Clients for more than 200 billion hours.

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