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Optical Devices

Enabling next-generation high-speed optical transmission systems to meet accelerating global bandwidth demands.

Your Trusted One-Stop Optical Chip Partner

Sanan IC provides world-class wafer foundry manufacturing platform for compound semiconductors, with high-quality process flows and world class fab service. In the fields of optical communication and photoelectronics, Sanan IC provides wafer fabrication services for high-speed optical products such as VCSEL chips and arrays, DFB lasers, photodiodes, avalanche photodiodes (APDs), monitor photodiodes (MPDs).


Cloud computing, mobile communications and residential broadband services are driving the need for higher bandwidth and driving fiberoptic cabling closer to customer premise.

Technological innovation and high reliability are essential for customers in the telecommunications industry.

The control and transmission of increasingly large amounts of data are ramping up in internet.

Consumer and Automotive

Almost all active optical cables (AOCs) for high-speed transmission in the world use a combination of transceiver chips and lasers.

Machines can now sense and see what have not been possible before, thus creating smart machines

Innovations in lasers are creating advancements in healthcare, beauty and in safety equipment.

The use of VCELS are growing for in-vehicle and in-cabin sensing.

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