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Wafer A/T Services

Based on a Total Quality Management (TQM) system, Sanan IC Conducts Various Screening and Verification of Each Process Step to Ensure "Zero-defect" Delivery.

Sanan's Advanced Packaging Technology


System-in-package (SiP) is a high-end packaging technology in the field of IC packaging. By packaging different functional chips side by side or superimposed, multiple active electronic components with different functions are combined with optional passive devices, and even MEMS or optical devices. A single standard package that implements multiple functions when packaged together. The implementation form can be wire bonding (Wire Bonding) or flip chip bonding (Flip Chip), or a combination of the two.

Compared with traditional packaging, SiP packaging has significant advantages:

(1) The SIP package adds multiple chips to the same package, increasing the packaging efficiency by 30% to 40%;

(2) The SIP package realizes the system-level package integrating chips and passive components with different processes and materials, the overall performance is improved by about 30%, and the volume is reduced by about 40% compared with the discrete device solution;

(3) The SIP package can provide system-level connections with low power consumption and low noise, and achieve high integration, which greatly reduces the loss of line energy consumption, and the device energy consumption is reduced by about 20% compared with the discrete solution;

 (4) SiP packaging integrates multiple different functional chips and passive components into one package. Compared with single chip packaging to discrete packaging solutions, the total demand for packaging materials and equipment is greatly reduced, and the packaging cost to achieve the same function is reduced. Reduce by 30%~50%.


Sanan's Testing Services

Sanan IC provides probe card fabrication and customized testing services for voltage and current at wafer-level. Exclusively designed probe cards can effectively reduce the cost of testing services which reduces testing cost of back-end packaging.


The voltage microwave testing services offered by Sanan IC include:

1. DC voltage and current 16-site parallel test

2. Support 1A high current measurement

3. Other test items


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