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RF & Millimeter Wave

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Sanan IC Has A Compound Semiconductor Wafer Foundry Platform, Including Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) For RF, With In-House Epitaxy Capability

The RF foundry service provided by Sanan IC includes a complete Process Design Kit (PDK), Design Support, Device Modeling Guide, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other parameter databases, which offer a convenient design environment for customers. Sanan IC also provides complete product testing services to accelerate the product development of our customers.

The RF advanced technologies provided by Sanan IC mainly includes GaAs HBT, B-HEMT and p-HEMT, together forming an industry-leading and complete portfolio across the RF and millimeter wave spectrum.

Sanan IC is committed to accelerating the launch of new products from its customers and to providing complete design support services, including an efficient design platform, accurate circuit simulations, ,design layout verification as well as mask services.

Sanan IC, the first manufacturing platform of 6-inch compound semiconductor wafers in China, boasts of having three advanced production lines with world-class process capacity.

Based on the TQM Quality Management System, Sanan IC conducts various screenings and verifications to ensure zero-defect delivery.

Sanan IC provides surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters with high performance, excellent quality and a complete set of frequency band combinations.

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