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RF Design Support

Sanan IC is committed to shortening the time-to-market of its customers products, to constructing its own accurate component models, diversified design kits and cooperating with design software manufacturers to provide complete design services to enhance the ease-of-use of the design platform and improve the accuracy of crcuit simulation, and provide the best design layout verification and mask services.

Sanan IC PDK Service

Sanan IC's process design kit offers a complete circuit design platform and supports today's mainstream circuit simulation software. It includes a variety of component and sub-circuit models, adjustable parametric component shape changes, electromagnetic simulation, circuit verification and a convenient user interface, making circuit design easier and faster.


Sanan IC In-House Model

Sanan IC builds its own component models to support the development of its various process technologies. The model supports current mainstream circuit simulation software to offer better characteristic simulation of its process technologies, and also provides process variation statistical simulation to analyze yield rates.


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